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There is a myriad of ways in which to treat your hardwood floors and to bring back the appeal both aesthetically and practically. When looking for professionals who can provide you with a quality resurfacing service for your Nanaimo area property, turning to the expertise of Nanaimo Floor Finishing will deliver capability built upon years of bringing these service types to the city. Whatever the state of your flooring, we can bring back the beauty, strength and dependability you’ve once counted on these surfaces for.


Finish Reapplication

Looking at your flooring surface by surface, the primary point of contact is the finish. This is the application that provides the highest amount of protection to your flooring and one that often needs to have attention brought to it in order to get quick results. When looking for Nanaimo hardwood floor resurfacing you can count on, choosing to call into our offices will provide you with immediate response and the means to quickly and easily book the service you need. No matter the flooring design, we have the skills needed to provide a quality surface once again.


Wood Treatment

Underneath the flooring finish is the hardwood itself and when looking to deal with imperfections that mar the appearance of your wood flooring, turning to the most experienced professionals in the city will ensure that you can do so quickly and affordably. From quality sanding services to wood floor refinishing without sanding, we have the means in which to treat your wood floors in the best possible means and to provide you with a result that is a visible improvement on the current state. Whether scratches, gouges or otherwise, we have the ability to bring back the appeal of your hardwood floors.


Staining Hardwood Floors

If the treatment of resurfacing your floors has stripped the surface of the staining put into place, you can depend on our experts to reapply this application in a way that will return the previous appearance of your flooring and deliver the appealing aesthetic you once enjoyed. No matter the treatment you previously had done on your flooring surfaces, choosing the expertise of Nanaimo Floor Finishing professionals will bring back the style you once had in place. It’s our job to ensure that you can turn back time on the condition of your flooring and to deliver results that make a difference.


Parquet Flooring Restoration

We not only bring you the treatment you need when it comes to expensive hardwood flooring but also provide you the treatment needed to ensure that you can make the most of your parquet floors as well. It’s our ambition to provide the full range of services our clients need across a variety of flooring options, giving you the means to care for both hardwood and alternatives. When looking for professionals ready and willing to bring you the resurfacing needed, making the choice to reach out to the most skilled refinishing professionals in Nanaimo will provide the highest quality.

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