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Bringing the combined efforts of our resurfacing and refinishing options into one service, choosing Nanaimo Floor Finishing for your hardwood floor restoration will bring out the beauty in your flooring that has been long locked away. Whether you’ve purchased and older home whose flooring has been ravaged by time or there’s flooring in place within your home that hasn’t had treatment in many years, bringing in the expertise and attention to detail that Nanaimo Floor Finishing provides will bring back the beauty, strength and durability of your floors.


Aged Flooring

Whether you buy a home that has hardwood flooring in place that hasn’t been tended to in years or inherited a property with the same mistreatment of the floor concurrent, looking into a quality hardwood restoration service will bring back the beauty of your flooring and return the space to a level of appeal that was enjoyed on its initial installment. When choosing Nanaimo Floor Finishing to provide you with hardwood floor scratch repair or wood floor polish, you can depend on our experts to know just what it takes to return your flooring to the best possible condition.



Modernizing your floor brings a restorative service that will bring your flooring into today’s look and feel, while ensuring that you have the means of enjoying the benefits of your installation. Older flooring types required specific treatments in order to get the best results and when providing a more modern approach in refinishing hardwood floors without sanding, you can count on a more updated approach to the aesthetic of your property while extending the life of your floors. When turning to the professional wood floor installation Nanaimo depends on, you have the means of restoring any flooring in the city.


Full Restoration

Not only do we bring you the restorative efforts you need but also bring you the means to have your whole home treated in one visit rather than having to book service room by room. We have the crews of Nanaimo hardwood floor installation professionals you need to be able to tend to your entire home with home phone call, allowing you to turn the tide on your property appearance with one visit, rather than having to book one after another. When looking for hardwood refinishing and restoration you can count on, choosing our professionals will bring the results you need.


Blending In

Whether restorative or replacement materials, bring able to provide a means of restoration that ensures that both new and old materials come together seamlessly and in an aesthetically pleasing way is vital to our services. When turning to the expertise of Nanaimo Floor Finishing for your needs, you can count on results that always look to provide you with the best possible outcome, ensuring that you get the most out of your installation and that can count on results for years to come. When looking for the best in local hardwood floor restoration, making the call to the best in the business will ensure results.

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