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The surfacing treatment of your hardwood floors brings the ability to stand up to the wear and tear your flooring will experience over its time installed within your home. We all have heard the fact that quality hardwood flooring can last a lifetime of usage and it’s through quality resurfacing and refinishing services that you have the means in which to capitalize on this potential. When looking for quality wood floor resurfacing in the Nanaimo area, Nanaimo Floor Finishing has your needs covered.


Finish Treatment

The first line of defense for your hardwood flooring is the finish. This is the aspect of your flooring that protects the wood underneath and keeps more intensive repair needs at bay. When looking for a company in the Nanaimo area that can provide you with the reapplication and stripping you need, turning to the experts at Nanaimo Floor Finishing will bring results you can see.

We start with a quality removal service that gets to the bare wood across your flooring and the provide a hardwood refinishing you can count on to bring back strength and protection for your floors.


Scratches and Gouges

Getting below the finish and causing visual damages to the wood of your floor, scratches and gouges in your hardwood can be precursors to larger issues in the future of your installation. With our quality hardwood resurfacing service, you can depend on our experts to get to the heart of the issue and to return your hardwood flooring to a state of visible and structural appeal.

No matter the level of damages caused into the wood itself we provide you with a full range of hardwood repair and refinishing services you can count on to turn back the hands of time.


Sanding and Refinishing

The more traditional method of bringing a refinishing service you can count on is through sanding and refinishing your flooring. With particular wood types though, this can strip away some of the surface of your wood, leaving it weaker and more susceptible to eventual wearing away.

With the right skilled approach by Nanaimo floor refinishing professionals though, you can depend on a result that puts the integrity of your flooring first, ensuring that you can depend on your installation to remain in place and able to stand up to your needs for many more years to come.


Wood Floor Refinishing Without Sanding

If you’re looking for a means of refinishing hardwood floors without sanding, then turning to our professionals will provide you with results. We have many products at our disposal that provide the means of getting the treatment you need without the abrasive nature of sanding being used as the primary source of finish removal.

Whatever the state of your flooring, turning to the experts that Nanaimo Floor Finishing provides to the city will ensure that you get a refinishing option brought to your home that bring back the durability and protection of your flooring with a quick and dependable service you can afford.

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