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The installation of hardwood flooring within your home is a moment of transformation and whether you’re looking to make the switch in flooring materials, or you need assistance with your Nanaimo wood floor restoration, making the choice to bring in the experts at Nanaimo Floor Finishing will provide you with the value and longevity you look into wood flooring to provide. With a range of services at your disposal, there’s never been a better time than now to make the choice.

We have been the source of quality Nanaimo hardwood floor refinishing, wood floor installation and hardwood restoration within the city for many years and provide you with a service unrivaled in ability and dedication to quality. Whether you’re building you’re home and looking to have a flooring option in place that will provide you with a lifetime of utility, or looking to swap your current material for the beauty of hardwood, making the choice to bring in our experts in order to fulfill your needs will ensure that you get the best possible services brought to your home at an affordable price.

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Nanaimo Wood Floors

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The range of services that we bring to the city of Nanaimo provides you with the capability to care for your hardwood flooring at any step of your application. From hardwood floor repairs, installations and refinishing to choose from, you can count on results that will transform the look of your home while bringing more than just a floor sander to your property. We have been proud to provide a skilled and specialized flooring service to the city over the course of many years and are advocates for the myriad of benefits this flooring choice provides.



We have been bringing floor refinishing Nanaimo area homeowners can count on for many years and provide you with the means to bring back the level of protection and aesthetic appeal you’re used to. Whatever the age of your flooring, or the current state of your finish, we are the experts in refinishing hardwood floors without sanding and keeping the appeal and benefit of your flooring option to the highest degree at all times.


When looking for quality wood floor installation Nanaimo can trust, making the choice to reach out to the best in local wood floors will ensure the best results. We have been bringing the quality of service needed, the range of wood choice and the finishing services needed to deliver beauty. If you need the best in the business for your installation, you can count on the experience and specialized expertise we provide to the city.


If you’ve suffered from minor or major damages to your hardwood floor, the capability to quickly and affordably obtain the repair services you need is important. Making the choice to call Nanaimo Floor Finishing for your repair, resurfacing and restoration needs, you can count on a quality result that will bring back the beauty and dependability of your wood flooring. From a floor sander to wood floor wax, we have your entire list of needs covered.

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Hardwood Flooring

Home Addition

There are many different alternatives you can choose from when it comes to home addition, from extensions, to re-purposing, sun rooms, day rooms, dens, bump outs and more, and when you want the professional touch that’s going to not only make the addition look great, but help it stand the test of time, then choosing Lake Conroe Contractors is the first in a long line of good decisions. We bring you the professional contractors you need to make your visions come to life.

Siding Installation & Repair

Much like the clothes we wear can be a peek into our individuality, the siding of your home is one that gives the first impress on it’s inner nature and sets the tone for the rest of your home. Lake Conroe Contractors brings you a wide selection of materials and styles to choose from, giving you a positively endless amount of choice when it comes to siding combinations. From vinyl to aluminum and everything in between, we bring you unprecedented choice in the clothing for your home.

New Construction

Bringing you more than just remodeling, our new construction service starts at the foundation and ends on the finishing touches, bringing you a service that you can rely on to be open and communicative in bringing your dream home to existence. When you need a high level of professionalism and quality handiwork into every aspect of your home, then choosing Lake Conroe Contractors gives you exactly that. We aim to bring you a home that will last the ages, and stand as a testament to the capabilities of our professional teams.

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Whether you’d like to know more about our hardwood floor polish, the cost to refinish wood floors or need parquet flooring restoration, making the choice to call into the offices of Nanaimo Floor Finishing will provide you with immediate response. We put the same level of attention and dedication to our clientele that we do with our wood floor care, ensuring that every aspect of our service from start to finish is focused on bringing you the best possible outcome. For the best in Nanaimo hardwood floor installation and much more, we invite you to reach out to our professionals today.

“I needed hardwood floor refinishing without sanding which left my options pretty limited. After coming across Nanaimo Floor Finishing though, they assured me that they could provide the service and so I booked them. The outcome was exactly what I was looking for and they lived up to their promise.” – Mark H.

“I call Nanaimo Floor Finishing roughly once a year for a hardwood floor polish. The wood floor wax they use is perfect for my installation and they are really easy to book with. After the work is done my floors look amazing for the entire year.” – Maria T.

“Nanaimo Floor Finishing provided a hardwood floor restoration for me last year and the installation still looks amazing. I’ve always wanted wood flooring and they made the process really easy. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get into obtaining hardwood flooring and the beauty it brings.” – Sarah B.